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April 2010


Welcome Greenwoods Customers!


We are so happy to announce that we will be offering Greenwoods customers the same great service they are used to and just giving them the ability to enjoy even more product now!  At Holiday Classics, we will able to offer business calendars, birthday cards, anniversary cards, party invitations and so much more. 

Any questions or comments on this chat with us or email us or call us - hey even leave a comment and will be happy to help you out. 



-Tiffany, Marketing Specialist


Tax Day - Need an Extension?

So the dreaded tax day is here and those of us who procrastinate can well, procrastinate longer if necessary. 

The form you need to fill out for your tax extension is Form 4868.  The deadline for this form is today - April 15, 2010.  Be aware though, this does not extend the period of time for you to pay your taxes.  If you do not pay the amount due, you will start to incur interest, possibly even penalties. So why pay more than you need to!

For the rest of us who have already stressed over this and finished these up, why not send those accountants a little thank you card for a job well done.  They are the ones who help make our lives a little bit simpler by crunching the numbers and getting us all those deductions we deserve.






-Tiffany, Marketing Specialist





Only 2 Days Left for Big Savings at Holiday Classics

You still have two more days to Save $10 off any $75 order at Holiday Classics.  Remember, we have tons of business greeting cards and business holiday cards to fufill your card giving needs.  The offer ends April 13th at midnight.  Just use promo code 90298 to recieve your discount.  So shop today and take advantage of these great savings while they last.


-Tiffany, Marketing Specialist


Stock up on business greeting cards and Save $10 with Holiday Classics

Be prepared all year round with our all occasion greeting cards - from business birthday cards, anniversary cards , thank you cards and many more!  Today until April 13th you will save an extra $10 off any order business greeting cards, calendars or business holiday cards of $75 plus take 50% off the regular prices.

So start shopping today and save!


-Tiffany, Marketing Specialist 



Easter Candy Peeps are Evicted

So like any holiday, food is always a topic of conversation and really a huge part of the celebration itself.  Easter is no different with the chocolate covered eggs, jellybeans in all flavors, marshallow peeps and huge chocolate bunnies that we can't help but eat the ears off first.  All this candy talk made me start wondering about the "peep", a marshallow with sugar coating that is a favorite of so many.  Have you heard the story of the woman who was evicted over this little marshallow friend?  It's a crazy story and you can check it out here.



These peeps sure mean serious business!  Happy Easter everyone!

-Tiffany, Marketing Specialist 


April Fool Jokes are for Everyone

We all need a little humor in our work days, especially to break up the long hours we spend thinking way too hard.  April Fools day is the perfect time to play a trick or tell a joke to  to make things a little more exciting at the workplace. 

Growing up, I remember every year my mother playing a trick on my dad.  They were all in good taste of course, but we got him every time.  One year, my mom decided to serve up a duck in a roaster to my dad at lunch time.  The trick was that the duck was alive!  You should have seen the look on his face when he opened that up. 

Laughing will make the days seem shorter and help build stronger relationships with those co-workers that you see every day.  But remember to keep it simple and know that the receiving end will enjoy the joke as well.  If anything, take a few minutes at a meeting and share a funny story about yourself to get a few laughs - believe me, I have tons of those!  Or just talk about things that are funny in general - like do you remember the American Idol episode with William Hung?  If not, check it out below from YouTube.  This still cracks me up.


-Tiffany, Marketing Specialist